Módulo Cero y su Impacto positivo en el Aprendizaje del Idioma Inglés como Lengua Extranjera en los Alumnos del Primer Semestre de la Universidad Estatal de Milagro

  • Irlanda Jacqueline Maridueña Universidad Estatal de Milagro
  • Iliana Verónica Real Poveda Universidad Estatal de Milagro


The English language has become one of the greatest opportunities and weaknesses of people worldwide, since not everyone can develop the different skills of this foreign language, which has caused uncertainty at the moment of understanding it, rejecting the subject and therefore, avoiding the acquisition of it as a basic tool in this globalized world. This research work arose from the need to demonstrate the importance of having the Zero Module addressed to students who enter to the State University of Milagro; this work was done considering the quantitative and qualitative methods which were developed taking as a sample 65 students who approved The Zero Module in the First Semester 2015. The authors reiterate the importance of this English Starter Module, since the results demonstrated that the students acquired the necessary knowledge according to their level to continue to Module 1 of English. The progressive learning of English as a foreign language will serve to strengthen ties of trust and adaptation between students and teachers making it more enjoyable to acquire this language, besides learners will achieve proficiency and ease of communicating in English in the different academic spheres.


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Biografía del autor

Irlanda Jacqueline Maridueña, Universidad Estatal de Milagro

Analista en Sistemas

Magíster en Administración de Empresas

Diploma en Currículo por Competencias

Licencia en Lengua Inglesa y Lingúistica


Iliana Verónica Real Poveda, Universidad Estatal de Milagro

Coordinadora del Sistema Modular de Inglés

Magíster en Administración de Empresas

Licencia en Lengua Inglesa


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MARIDUEÑA, Irlanda Jacqueline; REAL POVEDA, Iliana Verónica. Módulo Cero y su Impacto positivo en el Aprendizaje del Idioma Inglés como Lengua Extranjera en los Alumnos del Primer Semestre de la Universidad Estatal de Milagro. Revista Científica y Tecnológica UPSE, [S.l.], v. 4, n. 2, jun. 2017. ISSN 1390-7697. Disponible en: <https://incyt.upse.edu.ec/revistas/index.php/rctu/article/view/216>. Fecha de acceso: 23 feb. 2018 doi: https://doi.org/10.26423/rctu.v4i2.216.

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Keywords: module zero – English language learning